Rolling Shutter

Rolling Shutter is a phenomenon in digital imaging sensors. It is the wobbliness which makes the image kind of compress and squeeze, echo the movements of the camera, and is usually highly undesired effect. Camera sensors capture image by scanning it from for example top to bottom, and the inability to scan the image at the same moment in time what causes the wobbliness. The image captured wrongly if the shutter speed is too low, or if there is fast movement in the camera, for example if shooting freehand or using a zoom lens. The upper part of the image is captured in right time, but the lower part of the image is actually captured in a bit of delay. This is a mathematically predictable distortion, and can be corrected using right algorithms. All the information in the image is there, but it just needs to be put in the right order. Some programs offer tools for removing the rolling shutter effect, thus increasing the image quality greatly.



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