Production Quality Fluids In Krakatoa

For me, something which mystified my use of Krakatoa for a long time, was that how to achieve that production-quality look on Krakatoa fluids? Having seen Krakatoa promotional videos and creations of other users, whatever I tried fell far short in terms of quality. RAM was filling up in effort to increase the particle-counts for achieving the high-resolution fluids seen everywhere else but there was little-to-no information available on the matter. Then watching tutorial about creating photorealistic ink-drop effects I realized that is is about using PFlow to drive additional particles through the FumeFX-simulation and then partitioning this simulation in Krakatoa. What partitioning does, it creates multiple sets of the same simulation while offsetting each particle in the simulation by random amount, and upon combining these multiple sets creates those production-quality fluids. Usually 10 million particles are good for previews, and for production something between 100 and 200 million particles are sufficient.

thread_nebula_render-comp (00366)


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