Driving PFlow-Particles Through FumeFX-Simulations

Essential way of increasing the FumeFX simulation-resolution is to use PFlow. The FumeFX’s own solution of increasing the simulation-resolution, by minimizing the voxel-grid size increases simulation-times exponentially and eventually renders any amount of RAM obsolete. When desirable overall simulation is achieved, it can be increased dramatically with the aid of PFlow. When PFlow-emitter is created, a flow-chart schematic-window opens. There are two key-operators to use with FumeFX. The FumeFX birth which generates particles where the FumeFX-simulation begins, and FumeFX-follow, which drives the particles through the paths of the FumeFX-simulation. After this, the PFlow-particle amounts can be controlled from the component

sthread_nebula_render-comp (00317)


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